Through traditional hand-drawn art, Mysterius Monk Press is bringing the mystery of the Catholic Faith back to children’s storytelling.

Cover art for the upcoming children’s book The Littlest Bread: A Small Host’s Journey Into Light


Avoiding Indie Publisher “Rookie Mistakes”

My experience in self-publishing over the years has led me to catalog various traps to which well-meaning indie publishers can unwittingly fall prey. Here are a few of the more glaring examples that I recently identified while reviewing several kids’ books the printer sent me as samples of their previously printed titles: After looking at …

The Essentials of Writing a Catholic Children’s Book

Over the last year and a half I have had the privilege of working on a storybook for Catholic children. The book is called The Littlest Bread: A Small Host’s Journey Into Light, and follows the adventures of Hostie, a (unconsecrated!) communion host accidentally abandoned in a convent bakery. Though snubbed by his fellow baked …


Brother Gabriel María Martin, csj, is a member of the Brothers of Saint John, a Roman Catholic religious order. His community’s focus on theological and philosophical formation led Brother Gabriel to found Mysterius Monk Press and Mysterius Monk Comics, with the goal of bringing a higher quality of art and intellectual reflection to Catholic children’s books and comics. To this end, Brother Gabriel draws on his pre-religious experience as a writer and cartoonist for The San Diego Union-Tribune.   

Beautiful Children’s Books with engaging stories teach the Faith better